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Medical Qigong

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Meet Rhonda Bradley, ME, MQT

I am a certified Medical Qigong Therapist (MQT) providing Qigong instruction and Medical Qigong treatments.

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My Specializations

Consider me your personal, positive “IRS Agent” for:


Increasing energy for those in frail health and improvement in athletics

Reducing stress from work, relationships and family and for more restorative sleep

Speeding recovery after injury, surgery or strenuous training


Medical Qigong (chee-gung) is an alternative and complementary modality that has been used successfully to assist in the treatment of a wide variety of difficult and stubborn conditions.  In Chinese philosophy, energy is always moving within the body and no system or organ functions without affecting the others.  Therefore, when one organ is out of balance, the other organs are impacted to some degree.


Your Qi (chee), or energy, travels though the meridians that link the organs and tissues.  Medical Qigong treatments utilize the flow of your Qi through the organs and meridians to help clear energy stagnations that may be present and have caused your body to be out of balance.


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Increasing Energy

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Restorative Sleep

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Injury Recovery

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Stress Reduction

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Surgery Recovery

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Pain Relief

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What Patients Say

"I had a Qigong treatment with Rhonda for sciatic nerve pain and a swollen, painful finger.  The next day I was pain free and the swelling and pain in my finger were gone."

S. Tinnon


"After a severe fall, I received a diagnosis of two torn tendons in my shoulder rotator cuff.  Surgery was recommended by two orthopedic surgeons, which I was very uncomfortable with.  Prior to my treatment, with Rhonda, I was unable to use a heated shoulder wrap due to the amount of inflammation in the shoulder.  Immediately after my treatment, I could use the shoulder wrap without any issues, which helped the healing process.  Rhonda's holistic approach was exactly what I needed!"